Games Review: Inside (Switch, 2018): Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride

July 17, 2018

Playdead’s Inside follows rather closely in the footsteps of Limbo, the developer’s debut title. Though it revisits many of the mechanics that made Limbo so interesting, Inside has a purpose and a story to tell that is as different to its predecessor as its possible to be. On the Switch, that story can now be experienced […]

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Games Review: Limbo (Switch, 2018): Doing a lot with very little

July 16, 2018

I can’t believe that eight years after its release, Limbo still holds up as well as it does. Ported to the Nintendo Switch alongside its Playdead stablemate Inside, the game makes the system its home with ease. Given its straightforward mechanics and stripped back, atmospheric presentation, this does not come as a surprise.

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Video Games Review: INSIDE (PS4, 2016)

September 12, 2016

Developer Playdead arrived on the scene in a big way with their moody puzzle-platformer LIMBO only a few years ago. They’re back now with INSIDE, a game that embraces the lessons learned from LIMBO and takes them a step further. INSIDE is so good that I don’t want to spoil it one bit for anyone who hasn’t had […]

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