Perri Cassie

Perri Cassie on his 2017 MICF show, Channel Perri, and his comedy heroes

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has brought together a wide array of comedians and performers for another year, bringing a stack of world class shows through to the city until April 23rd. The comedy festival in Melbourne has also proven hugely fruitful for Aussie comedians marking their mark as emerging talent – one such talent…

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Comedy Review: Simon Cumming & Perri Cassie – Simon & Perri Go Large

Both Simon Cumming and Perri Cassie greeted the audience, all very much ready on stage, with some light chatter about the etiquette of introducing their show as they walked into the room at Grand Mecure, and then well… introduced us to their show through a unique little sketch-stylised bit. The sketch stuff was tossed aside from…

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MICF: Simon Cumming and Perri Cassie talk their MICF show Simon & Perri Go Large

If you’d like to get quite a bang for your buck in seeing two acts within the one show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, then Melbourne comedians Simon Cumming and Perri Cassie have got you covered with their show Simon & Perri Go Large. The show is set to be full of exhilaration,…

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