Patricia Cornelius

Theatre Review: SHIT is bold, brash and unapologetic (at Seymour Centre until 29 July)

Language warning: if the title makes you uneasy you probably won’t enjoy this show. It slaps you across the face with vulgarity, ugliness and brutality. But if you love innovative, challenging theatre, you must see SHIT at the Seymour Centre this July. SHIT is not so much a narrative as it is a profile of…

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Theatre Review: SLUT packs a lot of heart in a little show (Performances until 24th June)

According to the contestants on this year’s series of Masterchef, 30 minutes is not long enough to infuse a dish with the flavour punch the judges are looking for. But it’s more than enough time for the cast and crew of SLUT, on now at the Old Fitz theatre. This whirlwind of a play is…

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