Parrot is taking drone flight to the next level with VR for Bebop; here’s the Aussie Price guide and release date

October 14, 2016

Parrot is making drone flying immersive with their new FPV pack for Bebop 2 leisure drones. The Parrot Cockpitglasses use your IOS or Android smartphone to turn you into a pilot, getting a first-hand view of the action. The FPV headplay works through your smartphone by livestreaming air-born footage captured through Bebop 2’s full HD […]

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Parrot reveal two new Minidrone models, the Swing and the Mambo

September 22, 2016

Parrot has added two new Minidrone models to their ever-growing drone range, the Swing and the Mambo.

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Tech Review: Parrot Zik 3.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

May 26, 2016

Long gone are the days of simple headphones that keep the everyday consumer largely ignorant of the listening experience they often miss out on. That’s changed drastically in recent times, with more consumer headphones designed to bring the same power and quality as professional devices, and Parrot are among the biggest and trendiest of this […]

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Tech Review: Parrot Bebop 2 Quadcopter Drone

April 7, 2016

About a fortnight ago, I read a review over at Gizmodo on the Phantom 4 drone titled “The DJI Phantom 4 is the nicest drone I’ve ever crashed.” I looked at the damage to the expensive piece of flying hardware and thought “God, that would be heartbreaking as a reviewer. I wonder how he dealt […]

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