Northmen – A Viking Saga

Acting coach to the stars Ivana Chubbuck talks exclusively about her work with Travis Fimmel on Vikings

Internationally acclaimed acting coach and author Ivana Chubbuck is associated with some of Hollywood’s most elite actors, but she also has a close association with Australia. She has conducted numerous Masterclasses in Australia with 16th Street Actors Studio and will hold an exclusive Actor Director Masterclass in Melbourne in January 2016. Chubbuck is also the…

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DVD Review: Northmen – A Viking Saga (Switzerland, Germany & South Africa, 2014)

Northmen – A Viking Saga is for people who like their battles to be played hard and fast. It’s also one for those fans who want a little less conversation, a little more action. Because while it’s an adequate and epic adventure/drama, this battle does fail to properly introduce the characters and their back stories,…

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