No Country Woman

Book Review: Zoya Patel’s No Country Woman is a poignant examination of migration, privilege, and what it means to never truly belong

August 16, 2018

Drawing together musings on feminism, race, and religion, Canberra writer Zoya Patel’s debut No Country Woman explores her experiences as a Fijian-Indian migrant. From the stereotypes that followed her family, to her attempts to rebel against her heritage, and to the months she spent in Scotland examining things from afar. No Country Woman is a well […]

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Interview: Zoya Patel on personal culture clashes, Edinburgh cafes, and her debut memoir, No Country Woman

August 8, 2018

Writer, editor and Feminartsy founder Zoya Patel is just a few days away from releasing her debut essay collection, No Country Woman. Ahead of the book’s launch, Jodie chatted to Zoya about what inspired her to put pen to paper and explore her experiences as a Fijian-Indian-Australian. Could you tell us a little about No […]

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