Meshel Laurie

CSI Told You Lies

Book Review: Meshel Laurie’s CSI Told You Lies puts the truth back into True Crime

October 13, 2021

They call it the CSI effect. The TV show has become so popular that individuals on juries are questioning the experts because the evidence doesn’t resemble TV. Comedian and podcaster, Meshel Laurie’s latest book, CSI Told You Lies is an intriguing look behind the scenes at the professionals working in homicide and victim identification. Laurie […]

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Book Review: Meshel Laurie’s Buddhism for Break-ups is the Buddhist dating equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul

February 27, 2017

There are many people who ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” but in the case of Meshel Laurie, it was, “What would Buddha do?” The Australian writer, comedian and radio personality was looking towards her Buddhist faith as a way of making sense of the end of her 19 year marriage. Except that there were […]

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