matt cornell

Matt Cornell (Sydney) on Texas, tattoos, musical influences and the future of the Outlaws!

Matt Cornell is an singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and one fifth of Adam Brand and the Outlaws. Having just released his new single “Feels Like Yesterday”, off his 2014 self-titled album, I spoke to Matt about Texas, tattoos, musical influences, growing up in a showbiz family, and the future of the Outlaws.

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Adam Brand on mischief, new sounds and we play a little game of ‘Which Outlaw would and why?’

There’s a new country supergroup in town – and they’re called the Outlaws. Well, Adam Brand and The Outlaws, to be correct. Made up of Brand, Travis Collins, Matt Cornell, Drew McAlister (of McAlister Kemp fame) and Mike Carr (the creative genius behind musical comedy character, Buddy Goode), they’ve been stirring up trouble all over…

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