King Roger

Sydney Festival Review: Opera Australia’s King Roger takes you (quite literally) inside the conflicted mind of the King

January 22, 2017

King Roger, or Krol Roger, is a rarely performed Polish opera that takes you inside the conflicted mind of the King as he battles with the seduction of a hedonistic Shepard/God. And by “takes you inside” it means quite literally, for the main stage is a giant head- the hollowed back forming stairs and platforms […]

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Opera Australia’s Michael Honeyman on depicting King Roger’s inner conflicts and learning opera in Polish

January 10, 2017

Opera Australia will present their latest production of the Szymanowski’s 20th-century masterpiece King Roger from the 20th January at the Sydney Opera House. The production is co-produced with the Royal Opera House and was first performed in Covent Garden. Playing the demanding role of the conflicted King Roger is Michael Honeyman. We caught up ahead of the production to […]

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