Kiana Valenciano

Interview: Kiana Valenciano’s new partnership with Tarsier Records is set to bring Filipino music further into the mainstream

September 22, 2017

Filipino songwriter and pop artist Kiana Valenciano presents herself confidently on record. She’s been performing and releasing music for some time now and has been successfully building a profile for herself in her homeland of the Philippines, with a social media following exceeding 200,000. Sitting across from me in Singapore last week, though, Valenciano is polite and […]

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Music Matters Live refuse to let rain dampen their vibe on Sunday night; Kiana Valenciano shines as highlight

September 11, 2017

The outdoor stage at CHIJMES had to face rain – a lot of it – yesterday, as Music Matters Live entered its second day on Sunday. Surprisingly, and encouragingly, people still turned up during the evening to see the bands play and while the crowd would have been undoubtedly larger had the weather been better, the […]

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