Just Cause 4

Games Review: Just Cause 4 (PS4, 2018) looks like a relic of the PlayStation 2 era and I wish I knew why

December 10, 2018

Only two years ago, I reviewed Just Cause 3 for what was then the AU’s film and TV masthead, The Iris. In writing that review, I learned an important lesson about the link between taking your time and offering responsible critique. What a great opportunity to reaffirm that lesson, I thought when our review copy […]

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E3 2018: Just Cause 4 gets a big new gameplay trailer during Square Enix’s press event

June 11, 2018

Just Cause 4 has been one of the surprise hits of this year’s E3 conference. Less a reimagining of the franchise’s core tenets and more a substantial leap forward for the tech that drives the series, our latest look at the game promises an adventure that’s crazier and more creative than ever.

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E3 2018: Rico is still getting shot in Just Cause 4

June 10, 2018

Oh Rico, you can’t take a trick can you? Everyone’s favourite wingsuit gliding, grappling hook weilding, freedom-enabling, unkillable human wrecking ball is back in Just Cause 4.

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