Joe Cinque’s Consolation

Film Review: Joe Cinque’s Consolation (Australia, 2016) is an intense and poetic look at a horrific crime

October 11, 2016

Joe Cinque’s Consolation is a film that throws up a lot of questions. How much responsibility should society accept in a murder trial? Is a murder a preventable death? To what extent can we describe an inexplicable crime? This Australian film is based on some true events and is adapted from Helen Garner’s award-winning true […]

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Win a double pass to see Joe Cinque’s Consolation in cinemas

September 25, 2016

You may remember the case as it unfolded some years ago, however, Joe Cinque’s Consolation tells the true story of the death of Joe Cinque. In early 1997 Anu Singh, a law student at the Australian National University, confides in friends that she plans to kill herself to put an end to a mysterious illness. […]

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