Jan Gassmann

Sydney Film Festival Review: Europe, She Loves (Sweden, 2015)

If there’s anything that sticks with you the most about Jan Gassmann’s latest documentary effort Europe, She Loves, it’s the striking cinematography. A surprisingly intimate look into the emotions and lives of five couples across Europe, the film never really looks, nor feels, like a documentary. It wears its authenticity with pride, inviting you to engage and…

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Sydney Film Festival Interview: Swiss director Jan Gassman talks intimacy and inspiration on Europe, She Loves

Ahead of its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival, Fergus Halliday sat down with Swiss director Jan Gassman to talk about his latest film Europe, She Loves. A frank and intimate documentary-hybrid, Europe, She Loves, documents the lives of four couples across Europe. The Iris: Such a fascinating and incredibly ambitious movie. How did Europe, She Loves begin?…

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