Elliot Moss

Music Video of the Day: Elliot Moss “Closedloop” (2017)

With his new EP Boomerang set for release this April 28th, Elliot Moss has released a beautiful film clip for his single “Closedloop”. Utilising drone technology, Moss and his team linked up with RC Test Flight, leaders in the field, to take in the landscape of Goblin Valley, Utah. A moving set of visuals, the “Closedloop” clip lines…

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Music Video of the Day: Elliot Moss “Without The Lights” (2016)

Twenty-two year old New Yorker Elliot Moss has released his dark new single “Without The Lights”, following up his debut LP Highspeeds earlier last year. “Without The Lights” is a compilation of visually stunning choreography directed by Phillip Chbeeb – whose video for the single “Slip” off Highspeeds went viral. This time round, we follow the narrative…

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Music Video of the Day: Elliot Moss “Pattern Repeating” (2015)

New York artist Elliot Moss recently released the music video for his single “Pattern Repeating” and if you haven’t been able to check it out (ditto for his debut album Highspeeds), now is your shot. Taking things down a bit, “Pattern Repeating” sits comfortably in alongside material released by your Bon Ivers, your James Blakes…

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