Electric Wire Hustle

Mara TK on The 11th Sky and developing Electric Wire Hustle’s sound

In just over two weeks, Electric Wire Hustle will be back in Australia for an exclusive album launch show in Sydney for their new record, The 11th Sky. It’s been described as ‘David Lynch meets Motown’ and off the first playback of the record, it was pretty evident that soul had been poured, well and truly, into Album Number Three. If The…

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New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle launching their self-titled debut album this November.

Developing their own sound and twist on modern hip hop, psychedelic and soul, New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle has forged a fresh sound that challenges genre boundaries and preconceptions. The music of EWH reaches forward while referencing key points of music’s past. Thick drums and percussion layered with synth lines, hints of the Fender Rhodes…

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