Edwyn Collins

Film Review: Sometimes Always Never (UK, 2018) is a quiet story that often feels like a scrabble in the dark

March 10, 2019

Sometimes Always Never proves its only words. This UK dramedy is about a father and son’s complex relationship. It has an English sensibility and a profound love for the Scrabble board game. The result is a quirky and whimsical character study that feels like it pans out in real-time. This film at first was a […]

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Exclusive: An Interview with Edwyn Collins and the directors of his film The Possibilities Are Endless

January 21, 2015

The Possibilities Are Endless is a film that explores Edwyn Collins’ slow recovery and return to the stage after suffering from a stroke in 2005, which debilitated his music career and his life. Film-makers James Hall and Edward Lovelace work intimately with Collins to produce a beautiful film – voiced over by Collins himself superimposed […]

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