Diablo Immortal


BlizzCon 2020 cancelled, will move online next year

Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that BlizzCon 2020 will not go ahead owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. BlizzCon is an annual fan convention at which Blizzard usually makes its biggest announcements and hosts its largest esports competitions. In a post on its official blog, Blizzard stated that it had “come to the very difficult decision to…

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What exactly makes for a good mobile game?

Blizzard’s announcement of their latest mobile title, Diablo Immortal, shook many fans of the series to their core. For better or worse,¬†Diablo Immortal on Blizzard’s to-do list and that is a fact that its detractors must learn to live with. They can, of course, simply elect to not spend any money on it if they…

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BlizzCon 2018: Diablo Immortal takes the series to mobile, internet burns itself down

Despite Blizzard’s clear warnings that fans should “temper their expectations” regarding any announcements made at BlizzCon this year, the internet has gone nuclear over Diablo Immortal, a fully fledged version of the popular ARPG for iOS and Android mobiles. The announcement came at the end of today’s BlizzCon keynote address/show-and-tell and it was hard not…

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