Live Review: The final round of the Poison City Weekender sees Horror My Friend, Jess Locke & Deafcult impress

By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, it’s suffice to say that everyone was a little worse for wear. Despite some questionable decisions over the past few days, the crowd was buzzing with positivity; lashings of glitter on everyone’s faces, and The Rev’s Bloody Marys to make everything a little less painful. Easing us into…

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Interview: Stevie Scott of Brisbane’s Deafcult on their debut album, Auras

Brisbane’s Deafcult have recently dropped debut album Auras, a shoegazy, reverb-drenched foray into the unknown. It’s euphoric yet morose, gregarious yet restrained, and might be one of the best albums released this year. I caught up with guitarist/vocalist Stevie Scott to chat about what the release means to him, ahead of their national (not Perth…

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