Carnival Cruises

What to pack before island hopping across the South Pacific with Carnival

Whether you’re embarking from Sydney or Brisbane, we think all Aussies can agree that very few holidays capture that quintessential tropical lifestyle like Carnival Cruise Line South Pacific expeditions. That long-awaited dream of island hopping across vast archipelagos and relaxing on an epic cruise in one itinerary is why many Aussies of all ages choose…

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We celebrate International Joke Day with the largest operator of comedy clubs in the world

Did you know that the largest operator of comedy clubs in the world is a cruise liner? On each of Carnival Cruises‘ 25 ships, they feature the Punchliner Comedy Club, which offers up to 20 performances on an average 7-10 day voyage. This comes to about 25,000 comedy shows a year across the fleet. That’s a…

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Carnival Cruises Launches New WiFi and Social Media Plans

Let us not beat around the bush: in 2016, the only reason anyone actually travels anywhere is to Instagram the hell out of it. Of course, this is sometimes met with debilitating challenges involving poor/no (!!) Wifi connection, and ludicrously expensive data plans that can mean your casual ‘grams rack up hundreds of dollars in fees….

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