Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Five Marvel Movies You’ll Want To Revisit Before Civil War

For comic fans of the Mark Millar‘s original Civil War comics, the release of Marvel’s latest superhero film has been a a long time coming. The release of Captain America: Civil War is closer than ever and there’s never been a better time to marathon Marvel’s best as an appetizer to the new film. Iron Man…

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Box Office Report: LEGO takes top spot while Divergent and Budapest also shine

This was another huge weekend at the Australian box office, with six films earning over $1 million! The hugely popular The LEGO Movie was able to overtake last weekend’s champ Captain America: The Winter Soldier by around $1.5 million. Considering we are now in the school holiday period, expect The LEGO Movie to continue making…

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Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (M15+) (US, 2014)

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe now officially settling in to Phase 2 of its film franchises there has been a distinct trend of darker more intense storylines coming to the fore. The Avengers really set a huge bar for them to try to match and the expectations are high. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier they…

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