Brian Jay Jones

Book Review: Brian Jay Jones’ George Lucas, A Life (2016) does justice to the creator of Star Wars

January 23, 2017

Following on from documenting the life of the great Jim Henson, author Brian Jay Jones has given us another comprehensive biography, (and international best seller), this time of Star Wars creator George Lucas in George Lucas, A Life. George Lucas, A Life opens in March 1976 with Lucas having a tough time filming in Tunisia […]

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Brian Jay Jones talks Star Wars, George Lucas and the art of the biography

December 15, 2016

You might have noticed that the world has gone a little bit Star Wars crazy these last couple of months. There’s been novels, movies – just released – memoirs by stars, and now a biography of the creator, the man behind it all – George Lucas. George Lucas: A Life is the new biography from […]

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