Boss Key

Gaming as a Service has been good for consumers, but tough for some developers

In 2010, Gabe Newell joined Sony at E3, in one of the most controversial crossovers of all time, to announce cross platform play between PS3 and PC for their then-forthcoming title, Portal 2. Newell also noted that he and the gathered throng were seeing a shift in the games industry. Video: Kahleb Olsson “Entertainment-as-a-product to…

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New Lawbreakers trailer highlights the Titan

Lawbreakers, previously known under the codename BlueStreak, is an upcoming 1st Person shooter video game developed by Boss Key Productions, founded by Cliff Bleszinski & Arjan Brussee back in 2014. Lawbreakers was originally intended to be a Free to play IP. But as more and more interest garnered in the project, a full release title…

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