Marriott International take on Airbnb with the launch of “Homes & Villas”

Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel group with over 6500 properties worldwide, are officially about to leap into the home rental market that has been dominated by Airbnb for the past decade. Easily one of the biggest and most surprising recent evolutions in the lodging industry, the new upscale rental property platform, simply called “Homes…

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The Airbnb of dinner parties, WelcomeOver, has launched in Australia

Today, it has been announced that what could be described as the Airbnb of dinner parties, WelcomeOver, has officially launched in Australia, bringing the country it’s very first community-driven dinner hosting service. Similar and successful services already exist around the world, and WelcomeOver seeks to mirror the unique technology, creating a platform to give everyone…

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