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Hilltop Hoods

Photo Gallery: Hilltops Hoods + A.B. Original + Elsy Wameyo – Adelaide Entertainment Centre (24.09.22)

Hilltop Hoods finished their successful Australian The Show Business Tour in hometown Adelaide at a sold-out Entertainment Centre on Saturday night. The mood was one of excitement and anticipation. After DJ Total Eclipse warmed up the crowd as they filled the arena, followed by singer Elsy Wameyo. With her five-piece backing band she had a…

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Interview: Briggs on Always Was, pub trivia, and The Simpsons

Briggs, or Senator Briggs as he’s referred to as, has been charging through this year churning out project after project like the world was never in disarray. On top of his huge collaboration with Tim Minchin on “HouseFyre”, Briggs has also penned a children’s book and is gearing up to release his first body of…

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Live Review: 50 Cent rocks Sydney with a few specials guests, A.B Original and Baker Boy

With the recent 15th Anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin, it was perfect timing for once-dominant rapper 50 Cent to hit Australia with a brief but welcome tour. Yes, musically 50 is nowhere near as relevant as he used to be, but even non-fans would agree that Curtis Jackson is one of the most indelible…

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Our top 10 acts of Splendour in the Grass 2017

Non-headliners ruled Splendour in the Grass this year, and if anything defined the festival for 2017 it was that interest is shifting towards locals who are giving it their all, swiftly outshining headliners for what has become the proving ground for many a homegrown musician over the years. As a festival, Splendour is one of…

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AB Original, Kahl Wallis, Emma Donovan & more featured on first artist announcement for 2016 NIMAs

The first names confirmed to perform at this year’s National Indigenous Music Awards have been released and already, it’s looking to be quite the diverse and entertaining night under the stars in Darwin this August! With 2016 standing out as being quite the significant year for Indigenous people, it’s expected that this year’s NIMAs will…

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