Exclusive Video Premiere: Terrible Sons “Hold Fire” (2019)

New Zealand based duo Terrible Sons have just released their latest single “Hold Fire”. It’s a beautifully poignant track, which talks about the need to pause, breath and reflect before engaging in caustic debates. Terrible Sons is made up of wife and husband Lauren Barus and Matthew Barus. Matt is originally from Java, Indonesia, but these days the pair call Christchurch home.

To celebrate the launch of the single, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive first look at a video which was shot live at a vegan deli and butchery ‘Grater Goods’ in Christchurch. The deli doubles down at night as the ‘Pinot Cave’. This is reminiscent of some of the great venues in Ireland which operate as a retail outlet by day, then transform into a bar in the evening.

The song was written “in response to angry social media comments sections. I get frustrated reading comments that try to box complex issues into simple right and wrong side arguments. I wanted to express the feeling of waiting in the discomfort of uneasy answers, waiting in the grey; sitting between one side and the other before firing off your opposition. Sometimes it just doesn’t bring out the best of humanity.” 

In light of the turmoil our country has just been through with a federal election the message this song sends resonates loudly. The song and video fit together snugly – a gentle reminder that there is a kinder, more gentle way of resolving our differences.

The video was shot and produced by a friend of Lauren and Matt, Dan Watson, a jack of all trades and creative director. Sound was managed by Jo Barus.


The band can be followed on their instagram and facebook accounts

Feature image by Stefan Roberts

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