Turpentine Babycino release debut single “Write A Song Sounds Shit” and share influential bands

Credit: Wanagi

Newcastle punk quartet Turpentine Babycino have emerged with their debut single and video “Write A Song Sounds Shit”, released 15 September.

The fervent track begins with searing riffs over driving drums and bass before a simmering verse of angsty but vulnerable vocals. A catchy chorus with comical lyrics detailing the aftermath of a breakup leads into the energetic bridge with soaring harmonies and bouncy rhythms. Its clever structure keeps the song moving at a nice pace while ironically perpetuating the narrative of going in circles.

“Write A Song Sounds Shit is about the aftermath of a break-up,” the band explains. “Big parties, loud music, long nights and writing shitty break-up songs are often on the cards to help ‘forget’ about an ex. As a songwriter it’s easy to dismiss a great song due to self-doubt and judgment and after a break-up, these insecurities are heightened. Write A Song Sounds Shit is that shitty break-up song that nobody’s supposed to hear, except people will this time.”

Accompanying the single is an eccentric video inspired by American college films and shot by local cinematographer Wanagi-Zable Andrews. Singer Georgie Winchester even got her dad in on it, who collaborated with her and Andrews on everything from the lighting to the fog machine. Bassist Manuel Rohrl offered his house as the location for the ‘party’ and the band called on family, friends and anyone they could find to pack it out. The rest is history…

“This video was super fun to make, especially the party scenes where we had a bunch of friends over to Manu’s house and they had to act out specific scenes,” says Winchester. “The flashbacks were probably the funnest to film; Gabe stuffing his face with cake, Cormac having to play-fight his cousin and Manu sculling an entire bottle of champagne to a cheering crowd – it got really rowdy. It kinda felt like one of those old American movies I grew up on where they have hectic college house parties.”

In addition to the glorious video, Georgie and drummer Gabriel Argiris have also shared nine influential bands with us.


  1. Blink-182 – My favourite band forever and always. With Travis Barker being my favourite drummer as a pop punk powerhouse and Tom and Mark’s relatable lyrics, I have always wanted to have a similar pop-punk energy in Turpentine Babycino that Blink deliver.
  2. Pedro the Lion – Found a CD of theirs in a second-hand bookshop in Sydney and really related to the unconfident, simple yet catchy guitar riffs and honest lyrics.
  3. Carla Geneve – Since first seeing her live at Gumball 2022, I have always looked up to Carla for her raw emotion and excellent songwriting.
  4. Julien Baker – Seen her live two times and I cried both times. I am a sucker for sad shit and so Julien Baker’s first album Sprained Ankle always resonated with me.
  5. The Lemonheads – Absolutely love these guys, more so in the past year. The simple short song structures which still pack a punch and the raw tones of drums, bass and guitar. Again, a wordsmith who makes you know exactly how he is feeling.


  1. Sonic Youth – I have loved Sonic Youth the past few years, particularly the album Goo. I got onto them after reading Kim’s memoir Girl in a Band. If she isn’t the coolest chick ever, I don’t really know who is. Always idolised her and want a bit of that badass shit in my music.
  2. Bikini Kill – I read about Kathleen Hanna in Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus and have been obsessed with her band Bikini Kill ever since. I love what they stand for, the riot grrrl movement they contributed to and the feminist punk energy they bring to the stage and to their music.
  3. The Dacios – I got Monkey’s Blood for my birthday and I love that it’s so loud, has that 90’s vibe, is an Australian band and that it’s female fronted – a band like this inspires me to keep writing and performing.
  4. Lamphead – A local Newy band who has awesome sections and has a great singer. I especially love their song “Restart My Heart”. They are also super nice people who have helped me heaps along the way. We are playing with them at the Hamilton Station Hotel as part of our single launch tour on the 16th October.

To celebrate the release, Turpentine Babycino will be embarking on a seven-date East Coast tour starting Wednesday 5 October at Retreat Hotel in Melbourne – all of which are free entry! Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for more.