Track of the Week: Lapwing “Hope Christmas Gets You To Me” (2020)

It’s time for our last featured track of the year, so let’s end 2020 with something that sums up exactly how we’re all feeling after this wild AF year – a little bit sad, a little bit hopeful, and a little bit festive.

Lapwing‘s “Hope Christmas Gets You To Me” ticks all those boxes. The gentle ballad, crafted by Glasgow teachers Phil Ford and Tim Kwant, started racking up huge views earlier this month. But when an accidental hit of the delete button saw all those comments and likes vanish overnight, Ford and Kwant called out for help to recapture their viral success. Happily the people answered, making “Hope Christmas Gets You To Me” even more popular than before, as UK radio legends including Ken Bruce and Graham Norton stepped up to the challenge.

It’s no surprise that this heartfelt track has resonated with so many, particularly in the UK where COVID-19 has really taken hold. It’ll be a lonely Christmas for a lot of people this year, and Lapwing know exactly how they feel.

Complete with a music video filmed in an eerily empty Glasgow, check “Hope Christmas Gets You To Me” out below.

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