Track of the Week: Hayden Calnin “We Got Gods to Blame” (2021)

We Got Gods to Blame” is the latest single from electro-folk singer-songwriter Hayden Calnin. Infused with hymn-like harmonies that will leave you feeling positively devout, it’s a gorgeous track from the Aussie artist, and a shoo-in for this week’s Track of the Week.

When he’s not crafting his own tracks, and sharing the stage with the likes of Matt Corby, Tom Odell, and The Antlers, Calnin can also be found behind the scenes. His producer credits include Didirri, Harrison Storm, Riley Pearce, Woodlock, NYCK and more.

Of “We Got Gods to Blame”, Calnin says:

“If this song were an article in the paper, I guess it would be an opinion piece. We Got Gods To Blame is a look into my thoughts on why we as a people seem to simply not get along. So many wars and indifferences, actions and inactions, have stemmed from people’s varied beliefs and I’m basically trying to say that we always excuse our behaviours as an individual as well as a society on our gods, and that’s just not good enough.”

“If we could just put our differences aside and not rush to judgment, then maybe we could start to focus on some healing, rather than our consistent and ongoing destruction. This might be the furthest thing from a love song I’ve ever written, which weirdly feels nice for a change.”

Check out the track, and its stunning music video, below!

For more info on Hayden Calnin, check out his Instagram, Facebook, and website!