Track of the Day: Washington “Claws” (2018)

ARIA award winning Megan Washington, better nown as Washington, continues to move away from her jazzy rock roots, and into the indie-pop sphere with new single “Claws.” This is the first taste of new music we have had since 2016, and “Claws” is perfectly dainty, while triumphant, sitting comfortably in year of captivating indie-pop Australian music.

Although Washington’s voice is always charming, the instrumental aspects of “Claws” turn this in to an epic and masterful track. With a Gang Of Youth’s like stirring orchestral intro it speeds in to a gentle electronic beat which sounds just like the story Washington is telling. When you find out the meaning behind the track, it is a real “Ah that is clever and makes so much more sense now!” moment. She explains “The video is an exercise in exploring how “sexy” doesn’t have to be overly provocative,” and taken from a female perspective she showcases the beauty and uniqueness of the individual.

Directed by acclaimed film director Nick Waterman and Washington herself, the video is quite sexual while something you’d still happily watch with your Mum. With an almost satirical side to the video, if you asked 100 different people what they thought the track was about you’d almost certainly get 100 different answers. The videos haziness captures the same intimacy and desire in Washington’s voice and is a fabulous look at what’s instore for her forthcoming album.

Washington’s versatility will undoubtedly help her longevity in the industry. She has a timeless class to her voice, unmatched by a lot of contemporary pop singers. On top of this, she presents a vibrant youthfulness we have recently seen on Japanese Wallpapers hit single “Fooling Around,” which featured her vocals.  This classic but modern blend she masters must in some part be thanks to producers Sam Dixon and John Castle who have worked with Adele and Sia and Jack River, Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray, respectively.

Alex Cameron sums up the charm of Washington in an equally as stunning sentence by saying she, ” Possesses a force. She takes emotions and handles them like embers, beautiful and untouchable, and when she blows on them they ignite. 

Washington’s debut album all the way back in 2010 peaked at number 3 on the ARIA chart. Her second studio album debuted at number 5 of the chart and with new music promised in 2019 we can’t wait to see how it all goes down.

For more information about Washington visit her website HERE.