Track of the Day: vayla “Run Out” (2020)


Adelaide-based solo artist vayla dropped their debut single “Run Out” on Friday – and it’s a delight. vayla is the new solo project from DRESS CODE guitarist and keyboardist Jayden Lugg. The project combines Lugg’s love of 80’s synth-pop and contemporary pop music. It’s also very much a DIY effort with Lugg doing all the writing, production and mixing himself. 

According to Lugg, “Run Out” focuses on the stresses and sustainability of modern relationships. It also seems to complete eschew angst, in favour of something much more uplifting and hopeful. It’s an utterly charming three minutes, and really highlights Lugg’s latent pop sensibilities. 80’s pop is still going through something of a revival, and “Run Out” taps into that nicely. Yet, at the same time, it remains quite fresh and contemporary. It reminds me of early Troye Sivan, Danish pop-kid Asbjørn, and others. If nothing else “Run Out” has me wanting to hear more. Which, is what you want from a debut, I guess?

“Run Out” is available now. You can follow vayla on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Header Image: Marleen Alexa.

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