Track of the Day: The Whitest Boy Alive “Serious” (2019)

Whitest Boy

It’s been over a decade since we’ve really heard from German-Norwegian pop outfit The Whitest Boy Alive. We’re glad that’s changed.

Reforming, this side-project from Kings of Convenience’s Erlend Øye has once again emerged to give us a complicated dose of Scandi pop, restrained and euphoric in equal measures. Øye, Marcin Ōz, Sebastian Maschat and Daniel Nentwig are all here for standalone cut “Serious,” pulling their own individual weight for a number so buttery smooth and soulful it’s as if they never left.

It’s exactly as you’d expect from listening to their older material, representing one of those rare moments when a band can get back together so many years later and fall back into the same lush grooves. Øye’s vocals are as bright and warm as ever.

The Whitest Boy Alive popped up on the live circuit around Europe for a few shows last year, but never even gave a hint of new material actually making its way into the studio. We just had to make it our Single of the Day eventually.

Listen below and get ready to be put into a super-chill mode.

Chris Singh

Chris Singh is the Deputy-Editor-At-Large of the AU review, loves writing about travel and hospitality, and is partial to a perfectly textured octopus. You can reach him on Instagram: @chrisdsingh.