Track of the Day: The Moving Stills “Almost There” (2018)

The Moving Stills are Central Coast rising stars who have cemented themselves in the East Coast garage rock scene by adding their surfy playfulness to each and every track.

These guys have done their job well, opening shows for the likes of Ocean Alley, Skegss, Bootleg Rascal and a heap of other industry icons. After the release of their most recent single “Almost There” on November 2nd, The Moving Stills have now racked up a setlist that has them ready to fill out venues as a headlining act, not just an opener.

Fittingly, “Almost There” is a windows down road tripping track. Like always the band bring an airy, chill authenticity to their music, with a kick at the end that fills you with all sorts of dancing and clapping urges. This sort of backhanded punch has been perfected by UK rockers Catfish and The Bottlemen, whose unintended alluring nature is also captured in the Central Coast band’s music.

Earlier this year, the band also released “Nineteen”, a tribute track to their two years out of high school and navigates their growth over this time. Even in the short time between releases you can see the group’s massive progression, really producing their own smooth, cruisy sound and moulding in some more cheeky hooks and infectious melodies.

There is something a bit mysterious or ambiguous about this track. It’s clearly about a relationship but has a melancholy undertone that could be enjoyed equally as a love song or a song about loss. This spacey vague vibe The Moving Stills have created might not be intentional, but makes the track all the more endearing, summery and loveable.

Although I can’t see much that would better this track, I have a real feeling their next single will be a breakout moment for this aspiring band. Hopefully in 2019 The Moving Stills will keep improving at this exponential rate and consequentially we will get to witness their highly anticipated debut album.

“Almost There” is available now. For more information about The Moving Stills head to their Facebook HERE.

You can catch the band on the road for two more shows this month, at the Coogee Bay Hotel tonight (Nov 16th), and the at UOW UniBar on November 23rd supporting Bootleg Rascal (For tickets click HERE).