Track of the Day: Peak Park “Please Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” (2020)

“Please Don’t Be Hard On Yourself” is Peak Park’s latest single with a powerful message. The Melbourne-based three-piece music project has shed light on the awareness and importance of mental health. The track features a kaleidoscope of musical elements with alternative-rock and uplifting electronic-space-pop waves.

Relatable and deep sentiments are illustrated with honest and profound lyrics such as, “I don’t want to be alone, with the voices I own”. Whilst the lyrics and title of the song,  “Please Don’t Be Hard On Yourself” echoes continuously throughout the track –  reminding us that there is always a voice trying to find you in the darkest of times.

Vocalist and guitarist, Mitchell Summers voices the inspiration behind the track:

“Please Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself” is an attempt to voice some of the thoughts that so often go unspoken when dealing with anxiety, such as feeling defeated, lacking energy to pursue the day and difficulties of coping with identity. It also deals with the internal stigma that struggling with mental health is something to feel shameful about.”

“Please Don’t Be Hard On Yourself” is out now.

You can stay up to date with all things Peak Park via their Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Danica Sharma

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