Track of the Day: NOT A BOYS NAME ft. Bec Sandridge “F*ck It Up” (2020)

The indie-pop enigma that is NOT A BOYS NAME has just dropped an absolute banger, “Fuck It Up”, featuring the totally awesome Bec Sandridge on vocals. Joining them on this track is Dan Williams (Art Vs Science) and Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) on backing vocals.

“Fuck It Up” is about a friendship which has disintegrated, as NABN writes: “This song is about the consequences of working with your friends. When you become too involved..too close. I tried to write music with a good friend of mine and it all went wrong. The experience was really toxic and resulted in a few nasty phone calls (and the end of our friendship). The lyric “why’d you go and fuck it up?” is directed at both of us. I still don’t really know who fucked it was probably me.”

Bec Sandridge tells how she ended up collaborating with NABN “I saw NABN play at my local pub in Wollongong. He was handing out a couple of signed photo-frames throughout his set and somehow I scored one.. I’d been an “Internet fan” for a while so I sent him a message saying that I’d love to write with him sometime.”

And we are glad they’ve collaborated on “Fuck It Up” because this tune is catchy as fuck.

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