Track of the Day: Miss Blanks “This Bitch” (2018)

Warning: This song is pretty explicit, and so it darn well can and should be.

Brisbane’s own Miss Blanks is reclaiming the word commonly used against women and femmes, and is turning it around onto men. Known for her out-spoken, strong and empowering beats with a knack for driving important conversations about topical issues, Miss Blanks is tearing through the Australian music scene as one of today’s most outspoken rappers and she hasn’t even really started yet.

The driving force that Australian music needs, this unapologetic and funky track is more than just your everyday diss track. With a deep bassline and even deeper lyrical content, the song turns against the “cis white men who subjugate, gaslight and change the narrative for their own self-serving purpose.” Miss Blanks has also said about the track:

“Society expects women and femmes to be perfect, constantly put on their best face and be the better person. This Bitch is about the pure pettiness they deserve to have.”

Breezing into producer Dugong Jr‘s laid back, club style tune, Miss Blanks effortless, old school flair and honest verses are the reason that fans all across Australia are looking up to her to show us how it’s done. Miss Blanks isn’t afraid to call-out behaviour she doesn’t like and has shown us time and time again that she is more than just her music. Commanding and an artist using her platform for good, she’s an up-and-coming rapper who is bound to have the world at her feet very soon.

“This Bitch” is out now on all your favourite platforms now. To find out more about Miss Blanks and when she’ll be in your city next, head on over to her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.