Track of the Day: Maurice and the Stiff Sisters “French Exit” (2019)

Ever made a quick getaway from a party without saying goodbye? Skipped class without permission? Clicked attending on Facebook and never actually attended? Well, turns out there’s a word for that. It’s called a “French exit”, which also happens to be the name of the latest track from brass fuelled power pop quintet Maurice and the Stiff Sisters.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters cite Elvis Costello and Jonathan Richman as their influences, and “French Exit” is all the evidence you need of that. Driven by catchy hooks, 12-string guitars, and the self described ‘crack horn duo’ of Bryant Byers and Aaron Mattison, the Stiff Sister sound is infectiously fun and just a little bit cheeky.

Led by vocalist/guitarist Maurice Spencer and rounded out by bassist Michael Doherty, and David Shur on drums, Maurice and the Stiff Sisters are here to get feet moving – provided, of course, you don’t wind up making your very own French exit!

Check out “French Exit” below!

You can find out more on the band over on their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Zim Zimmerman/LightMonkeys

Jodie Sloan

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