Track of the Day: Kids At Midnight “By Your Side” (2018)

Kids At Midnight a.k.a. Melbourne’s Jane Elizabeth Hanley has channeled her inner Kate Bush with her delightfully 80’s inspired new single “By Your Side”. 

Whilst Kids At Midnight initially started life as a duo it’s now morphed into a solo project, with Hanley writing and producing all her own work. “By Your Side” marks the start of a new chapter of Hanley’s career, with an album on the way early in the new year. With its ethereal vocals, swirling production and soft dreamscape aesthetic “By Your Side” is the perfect throwback to the best of the 80’s. The 80’s sweeping ballad is strong in this one, and is only emphasised by the accompanying music video, which you can see below.

Talking about the single, Hanley said: 

“I’ve spent a long time toiling on producing the sound that I want. It’s been years trying to get there. I think I’m finally at the place that I can faithfully reproduce the sound I hear in my head. It’s really exciting for me to know that what I’m releasing to the world is what I wanted the song to sound like.”

“By Your Side” is available now. You can find Kids At Midnight on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Simon Clark

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