Track of the Day: Kate Miller-Heidke “Deluded” (2020)

Kate Miller-Heidke

Brisbane singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke has some great news to share today. We have her latest single and video, “Deluded”, hot off the press, and news that her next album, Child In Reverse will be released on 30th October.

“Deluded” is classic Kate Miller-Heidke, the incredibly elastic vocals front and centre. It’s got a vibrant groove with an irresistible beat running through it.

Child in Reverse will be her fifth studio album, her first pop album in six years. “Deluded” is the second single off the album, following on from “This is not Forever” which was released back in May.

It’s taken a little while for the creation of this latest album, due to Kates other endeavours. Working on the music and lyrics for Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical and it’s runaway success, and performing in front of 200 million people for Eurovision 2019 have been worthy diversions. Kate, however, has been drawn back to the world of pop, and explains why: “The minimalism, the economy… I find that incredibly rewarding and challenging. It’s like a quest to nail the perfect pop song. When it can be done, for me, as a listener, it’s my favourite music”

You can pre-order the album HERE

Watch the video here. It was directed by Jeff Anderson Jnr and Nick McKK

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