Track of the Day: Karma Kids “Matrix” (2020)

Uniquely depicted as “Emocore” (emo, pop punk and metalcore), Karma Kids from Indianapolis, have announced their latest single, “Matrix” featuring Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup.

Forming the band in 2019, they unveiled their debut album Dystopian Dream Part One: American Mind in February. Probing the effects of different mental health disorders.

“Matrix” features on the latest edition of their two part album, Dystopian Dream Part Two: Land of the Free. Exploring the implications of machination and conspiracy within our society.

The single takes us on a voyage of xylophone sounds intertwined with slow rock. Vocals slowly building up to a dark twist of metal echoing at the end of the track.

“Matrix” is available now on their latest album Dystopian Dream Part Two: Land of the Free. You can find Karma Kids on Facebook and Instagram.

Danica Sharma

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