Track of the Day: Heavy Heart “Dowsabel” (2019)

Mixed and co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Gabe Wax, “Dowsabel” is a potent and atmospheric combination of Wax’s most famous produced sounds for the likes of The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes and Soccer Mommy, to name a few. The British quartet’s newest single features the soothing croon of Anna Vincent over luscious dream pop whilst remaining raw and tense.

The band features Anna Vincent on vocals, Patrick Fitzroy on guitar, vocals and synths, James Vincent on guitar and backing vocals and Crag Brown on drums. 2016 saw the band write, record and release a new track in each track of the month to make up their 2017 debut LP Keepsake.

Despite being easy-listening and frankly, quite calming, there is a tension in the track that Heavy Heart revealed comes from the meaning of “Dowsabel”. “[It’s] and old English word for sweetheart, and this song is about a love affair, but it’s a bittersweet, broken and defeated one. It’s about the jagged edges and the blood we draw; the damage that we do to to each other in the name of love.”

Whilst no Australian tour dates or an follow-up to their 2017 album Keepsake have been announced you can find out more information about Heavy Heart by heading to their Facebook HERE.