Track of the Day: Hayden Calnin feat. Harrison Storm “Unfortunate Love” (2020)

  • Simon Clark
  • May 4, 2020
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Hayden Calnin

It can be difficult to keep motivated during this lockdown. Procrastination can take over easily enough. But, a couple of artists who have managed to stay productive are singer-songwriters Hayden Calnin and Harrison Storm. 

The label and housemates collaborated on Calnin’s new single, “Unfortunate Love”, which was released on Friday. The duo, along with friend Ella Crotty, also managed to shoot a stunning video to accompany the video. Putting the rest of us to shame. 

“Unfortunate Love” is Calnin’s first since the release of A Life You Would Choose last year. It’s also been a long time coming, with Calnin, noting “the song had existed for quite a while, but just as music.” In an attempt to unjam the song’s progress, Calnin brought in Harrison to work on it. 

“I kept trying to find the vocal melody and words that would help surround it and bring it to life, but nothing seemed to feel right. I decided to bring in Harrison to try some vocal melody ideas and he immediately just hit the world I was looking for.”

Whatever Harrison brought to the table, it worked. “Unfortunate Love”, is a beautiful release. An emotive and introspective slice of alternative folk. Subtle, yet intricate, the single really tugs at the heartstrings, thanks to that delicate and swelling instrumentation. There’s some early Bon Iver vibes at play, there’s a similar depth of feeling to Calnin and Storm’s vocals. One thing that is clear though, is how just how well their two vocals complement each other. It’s so affecting, and a reminder of why these two have carved out such a name for themselves across the Australian alt-folk ‘scene’.

“Unfortunate Love” is out now. Follow Hayden Calnin on Facebook and Instagram. Meanwhile, you can also find Harrison Storm on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Header Photo: Ella Croft.

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