Track of the Day: Grand Casual “Western Border” (2020)

Grand Casual

Esperance, WA blues rockers Grand Casual unveiled their latest single last week. “Western Border”, the band’s fifth single, is a high octane journey in two distinct parts. By all accounts it’s a fan favourite of their live shows, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Recorded and mixed last year at Debaser Studio by Andy Lawson, the track moves from alternative rock towards a sound much more heavily influenced by hip-hop. A change of pace from the band’s more classic rock and roll roots. Lyrically, the band take the listener on a journey too, moving from themes of stress and burn out in the first half, towards cathartic release in the second. 

At close to six minutes you’d maybe expect the track to flag, drag, or lose momentum. Instead, “Western Border”, manages to keep the energy and quality up for the duration. It’s a fun track, and it’s no surprise that it’s a hit when it comes to the live show. It’s high energy, punchy and with some quality guitar and percussion work throughout. Vocalist Kyron Smithson nails his part in it all as well. 

Key changes and direction changes aren’t exactly a new thing. But, they’re not always successful. Grand Casual are on to something here. “Western Border”, might have a unique place in their catalogue for now, but hopefully the experience of recording and releasing this one, will push them to experiment even further.  

Chuck is a listen below. 

“Western Border” is available now. You can find Grand Casual on Facebook, Instagram and via their Official Site.

Header Photo: Jonty Scoble.

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