Track of the Day: G Flip “You and I” (2020)

We have a really beautiful track of the day today. “You and I” is the latest release from Melbourne-based artist, G Flip. G Flip, the moniker for Georgia Flipo, wrote this song when head-over-heels in love. It’s a grand expression of love and reassurance to her loved-one that this is a love that will endure, despite the tyrannies of distance. There seems to be no limit to the skills possessed by G Flip. This is a tune which will go off at festivals. Girls will be on girls shoulders, phones aloft and heady declarations of love forever will be made. Amen to that.

G Flip writes of “You and I”:  “You & I is a LGBTQIA+ love anthem. It’s about being able to look at someone and the whole world just becomes background noise to your epic love story and it feels like it’s only you and that other person standing on the planet. It’s a highlight reel of beautiful moments to me. It’s extremely bittersweet as I wrote this song when I was crazy in love and I’m currently healing from a break up. It was written in a couple of hours while I was in London with a producer named Bastian….and it’s my mum’s favourite song”

“You and I” is out now. Have a listen and watch the lyric video below.

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