Track of the Day: Dom Youdan “Is Your Lover Still Cool” (2019)

Born in London but now based in Sydney, singer-songwriter Dom Youdan‘s music turned out to be the thing that led him to our rather sunnier shores, after he fell for an Australian at his second ever gig. Always working on his contemporary pop sound, “Is Your Lover Still Cool” is his first solo release since debut EP Tigerlily back in 2017.

The track tells of unrequited love, vulnerability, and never quite fitting in, and is both a beautiful introduction to Youdan’s sound as well as a warm welcome back to already established fans. Combining a chorus that you’ll struggle to shake with Youdan’s beautiful vocals, this is a song you’ll be playing over and over again.

Of the track, Youdan says: “I was an outrageous geek growing up, ‘Is Your Lover Still Cool’ speaks to that. Of not fitting in and feeling something for someone who doesn’t really see you. This song’s as much about gaining perspective as it is falling in love.”

Check it out below!

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