Track of the Day: Devil Doll “Purse Whiskey” (2020)

Mixing vintage glamour with outlaw country, California’s Devil Doll have just announced new album Lover & a Fighter. Due out May 1st, the build up begins with “Purse Whiskey“, today’s Track of the Day!

Returning from a six year hiatus brought on by a series of medical issues for frontwoman Colleen Duffy, including her diagnosis with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Lover & a Fighter is a phoenix-type moment for Devil Doll. Crowdfunded by loyal fans, Duffy’s trademark sultry aggression is on display in full force in the new record.

Duffy says:

“Besides lead and mercury poisoning as well as black mold toxicity that had gone into my brain, I was diagnosed with the genetic disability Ehlers-Danlos syndrome,” […] “Almost dying changes you. This record has been about making peace with your maker, remembering who you really are and learning how to gracefully hover above the scars of physical and sexual abuse that never completely heal. I am committed in my song writing to be a light and a siren for the lost and to help escort the survivors of darkness into the light. Devil Doll, even in the name, has always been about the internal battle of darkness versus light.”

For a taste of what’s to come, give “Purse Whiskey” a spin below!

Devil Doll’s Lover & a Fighter is out May 1st.
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