Track of the Day: Crocodylus “My Baby” (2018)

Rapidly becoming one of Sydney’s favourite trios, the boys from Crocodylus are back with a fresh, coastal song drenched in their signature sixties style.

“My Baby” shies away from their usual blistering tracks, yet the raw, infectious melody is sure to become a crowd pleaser (or a crowd breather, if you’ve ever been in the pit during one of their sweaty, energetic and unforgettable sets). Riddled with oceanic guitar and the mellow trill of harmonica, these first class garage rockers have bared their softer side whilst still grasping their surf-rock roots.

The last year has cemented the band as one to watch, bouncing from tour to tour with the likes of Hockey Dad, Skeggs, The Lemon Twigs (USA), The Bennies and more. Released back in March, their previous single “My Love” was a sure fire hit too, landing them sold out launch shows at The Lansdowne and The Tote.

Drummer Mikel Salvador has branded this new song as the one to play “when security warns you that you’re about to be kicked off stage because the crowd is trashing the place.” Is there any better way to explain this vibin’ tune? We think not. 

Next month your friendly, neighbourhood Crocs will be hauling their contagious antics to the stages of King Street Crawl (Sept 2nd), Surry Hills Festival (Sept 22nd) and Festival of Doom (Sept 30th). Guaranteed to bring their incessantly boisterous and entertaining stage presence, Crocodylus are here for a crackin’ good time. For more information on Crocodylus, and to check out those tour dates, head over to their website HERE. You can also chuck them a like on Facebook.