Track of the Day: CJ Stranger “Fool’s Gold” (2020)

CJ Stranger

CJ Stranger, the alter-ego of singer-songwriter Cameron Henderson, has continued to tease his forthcoming album, Hey Stranger, with a new single. “Fool’s Gold” is the third single released from the album, and follows on from “Strange One” (2019) and “Outlaw” (2020).

“Fool’s Gold” is a satisfying stripped back and slow burning slice of alt-country. It’s Australiana at its finest. There’s a rawness and reflective honest to the track that makes it just so endearing for me. 

It’s another of those songs that is really at home in the production sweet spot. There’s just enough going on instrumental wise for it to have real drive and power. But not so much that it overpowers the vocals and lyrics, which imbue the track so much heart and soul. 

There’s a familiarity to it all too. Henderson’s vocal, or at the very least the delivery, is reminiscent of several artists. But, equally different and individual enough, for me not to be able to quite put my finger on which ones. Either way “Fool’s Gold”, is a real gem of a track, and has piqued my interest for that forthcoming album, so job done. 

“Fool’s Gold” is available now. You can keep up to date with CJ Stranger via Facebook, Instagram, and his Official Site.

Simon Clark

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