Track of the Day: Children Collide “Aurora” (2019)

In what is great news for the Aussie music scene, local favourites Children Collide are back!  They have released “Aurora”, the first single of their upcoming fourth album, due to be released in 2020. It’s their first release since the 2012 release of their third album Monument. These guys are known for their high-energy and frenetic live sets and are festival favourites for good reason. Anyone who has been to the odd Splendour or Falls festival or two would have seen what these guys can do.

Where have they been you might well ask? Guitarist and vocalist Johnny Mackay has been based in New York ensconced in his psychedelic electronica project, Lord Fascinator, drummer Ryan Caesar has got out from behind the skins onto a guitar and vocals and fronts glam-rock group Pearl, and bassist Heath Crawley has curated his own vintage store on the Central Coast

Onto the new music, and Johnny explains the genesis of this new track:  “It was originally written for our third album Monument, so it’s felt like unfinished business ever since and a big part of the reason we made another album. In the end it felt like it was burning a hole in my hard drive, so we had to put it out.”




They have a couple of intimate shows lined up in December, which are bound to sell out quickly

Wednesday 18th December – The Lansdowne, Sydney – Tickets HERE
Thursday 19th December – Howler, Melbourne – Tickets HERE

You can keep up to date with Children Collide on all the socials – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Apple and YouTube

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