Tour Memories: Hitting the road with RAAVE TAPES

With their national tour in support of their catchy as hell latest single “Suds”, Novocastrian trio RAAVE TAPES have taken some time out to reflect on some of the best, some of the blurst times they’ve had on the road over the last year. A band with a brilliant live presence, RAAVE TAPES have proven time and time again that they know how to get things done when it comes to leaving punters with great memories.

Here are some of theirs.

Lindsay O’Connell: Last time we played in Melbourne we stayed with the legend Dave, who picked us up and dropped all four of us (including our manager Coops) in a Corolla. It was a ridiculously tight squeeze with all of our gear. When heading up the ramp, we had to merge right and Dave yelled suddenly, ‘That. Trampoline. Is Mine!’, and quickly swerved into the lane. Everyone who understood the Simpsons reference was in stitches.

Lewis Horne: The best thing in the world about being on tour is definitely the amount of different body washes, shampoos and conditioners you get to try out that you’ve always secretly wondered about in the grocery store aisles (sorry everyone). I’ve had everything from cocoa butter to Lynx, to some mint one and honestly, I’m not done yet.

Joab Eastley: After our set at North Gong Hotel for our besties Yours & Owls, they asked us to play a DJ set at a proper night club. None of us know how to actually DJ, so we accepted and just bumped The Veronicas and Gwen Stefani on an AUX cord for hours. Many yeets were had.

Lindsay: One night Joab decided to get pre-show Espresso Martinis and accidentally called them Espressi Martinos. Needless to say, they’re now a long running joke and we indulge in them before every gig possible.

Lewis: The legends from SCABZ managed to bring a bat and ball to Festival of the Sun, which resulted in huge backstage game of cricket. We had just finished our set and from memory it was us, Dear Seattle, Ivan OOZE, Maddy Jane, Wharves, SCABZ and the NAH + a bunch of the staff and it was just so wholesome – plus I bowled Joab out pretty much first go which was exceptional for team morale, (where’s ur premiership now Joab)?  I don’t even remember who won or anything but my god IVAN OOZE can bowl a mean off-spin.

Lindsay: In Canberra, Joab decided to be a big rock dog and copy Lindsay’s foot on the fold back’s move. However, he didn’t check the stability of the speaker and it slipped off the stage – Joab along with it. Nothing like watching the lead disappear off stage.

Lindsay: I woke up on the morning of our Melbourne show bright and early to pull the first leg of the 12hr drive. I walked out the back of the house we were staying at and what do I see but Joab and Lewis sitting ready to go. (Big pointer: Joab and Lewis are ALWAYS late, and they also spent the night out partying with friends until very late). Turns out they didn’t sleep and only got back an hour beforehand. I drove the first 8 gruelling hours, on account of the two boys sleeping peacefully (and smelling) in the backseat. Proud mamma moment.

Joab: On tour, we all usually indulge in a few post-match bevvies, but every now and then Lewis and I really like to immerse ourselves in the local culture. Last time we played Melbourne, Lindsay could sense the excitement in the atmosphere & put her hand up for the early shift driving home the next morning. The sweet pea basically wrote us a blank cheque & went to bed, with one stipulation – we’re leaving at 6am. Be ready.

So Lew & I went on our merry way & had a really damned nice time bar-hopping around Fitzroy. In the morning, Linds woke up fully prepared to physically drag us out bed. She was pleasantly surprised to find us sitting in the lounge room with smug grins on our faces. The $10 Voddy Redbulls AND Expressi Martinos special at Yah Yah’s will getcha every damned time. Sleep wen ur ded.

Lewis: Playing with some our all time favourite bands and discovering new favourites on the road. Supporting bands like Northeast Party House and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever ranks very highly and finding bands like STUMPS. Special mention goes to witnessing The Pretty Littles cover TV On The Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” at Festival of the Sun. Although dishonourable mention goes to me because at the end of the night Jordy (one of my very close friends) and I were all hanging with the fellas fromThe Pretty Littles in their tent and within a matter of minutes I completely and absolutely underestimated my weight and overestimated the strength of their esky and sat on it, broke it and nearly flooded their whole tent.

They were very okay about it though and just absolute legropes (a word coined by Jordy and then instantly adopted by the Littles that means legend; yeah, I’m sorry) and whilst I’m here I would also like to apologise to whoever owned a a blue beach towel that I may have (definitely did) used to mop up the four litres of water and other spilt drinks. I am sorry for that but know in your heart that your towel has excellent absorption qualities.

Joab: Getting the opportunity to meet all those angels who let us stay at their houses whilst on tour. Dave McCarthy and his dog Shazza in Canberra, literally everyone in Wollongong and the legendary David Zahn in Melbourne. Lewis even started an interstate book club with him. Wholesomeness personified.

Last time we were in Adelaide, we stayed at our friends’ house and met the single greatest human being we have encountered – Lyra. Lyra is smart, thoughtful, caring, hilarious person and being in her presence is absolutely infectious. She’s also three years old. We’re so damned excited to see how much she’s grown when we visit on this tour & to meet her new baby brother!!!


June 2nd | Amplifier, PERTH
June 9th | Yah Yah’s, MELBOURNE
June 14th | RAD Bar, WOLLONGONG
June 16th | Brighton Up Bar, SYDNEY
June 21st | The Foundry, BRISBANE
June 22nd | Rocket Bar, ADELAIDE
June 29th | Beaches Hotel, THIRROUL
July 7th | Cambridge Hotel, NEWCASTLE


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