the AU interview: Yves Klein Blue (Brisbane, Australia)


One of Australia’s favourite young talents, Yves Klein Blue, are getting ready to launch onto the Bacardi Express in March! Kat Mahina had the chance to talk to the group ahead of the tour, as they reminisce on their recording experiences in LA, and make us a bit curious as to what exactly went down when they were last in London….

How have things changed for the band since the release of Ragged & Ecstatic last year?  

We have been very busy, 2009 was a big year. I guess
there has been more touring and more attention on the band and
fortunately we have gained a few fans.

What was it like recording in Hollywood with Kevin Augunas?

A surreal experience and big learning curve. Having
never made an album before, we were jumping in the deep end and I guess
hoping we could swim. We were confident with the songs before we went
to LA and Kevin helped us improve them even further. Having the
3rd/outside opinion can be invaluable at times.

You guys are on the road with Bluejuice at the moment. How’s the tour going?

Just finished the tour in Laurieton. It was a regional
tour and we played many places for the first time. So considering many
people were probably seeing us for the first time, the response was
fantastic. Plus we are good friends with Bluejuice which made the tour
all the more enjoyable.

How do you like to unwind after a hard day on the road?

Well most hard days on the road finish with a show at
the end of the day and maybe a drink afterwards. However when we get
off tour we usually have a couple of days apart and then get back to
the band room. I just do nothing during my days off, apart from
washing. So to answer the question, I unwind with a couple of loads of

You’ve toured extensively both in Australia and overseas. How do the overseas audiences compare to the one’s back home?  

There is nothing like a home crowd, however when we
played a UK tour with Reverend & The Makers last October the
English crowds were very accepting and friendly. No heavy objects were
thrown in our direction and we made a few new fans, so hopefully we can
get back over there soon.

What’s the most exciting country you’ve been to so far?

Not sure about country, but most exciting city would be New York. We have been there twice but never for long enough.

More specifically, how was your experience playing the SxSW showcase back in 2008?

SxSW is an incredible experience, even if you are not
in a band, I would recommend going to the festival. The entire city of
Austin shuts down and lives and breathes music. We were very fortunate
to be able to play.

Are you excited to be hopping aboard the Bacardi Express in March?

Absolutely.  Bluejuice played the Bacardi Express last year and have told us a few good stories.

Especially for those who haven’t seen you before,
and will be attending the Bacardi Express, what can crowds expect from
your live show?

Plenty of energy and a few circus tricks we picked up in England after not being able to pay for cab. Long story.

The summer festival circuit is in full swing. What’s
your favourite Aussie festival and do you have any standout memorable
moments from your festival performing experiences (and/or what are you
looking forward to)?

Favourite festival experience would be Splendour 2008.
It was the first time we had played to a big crowd and when a crowd
sings along to your songs it is a very emotional experience. Not sure
which is my favourite festival. I went to Laneway in Brisbane today and
had a great day. If that counts.

Who’s the best live band you’ve seen lately? (and/or who are you listening to at the moment?)

At the moment I am listening to a lot of Temptations and Marvin Gaye.

And finally, as we enter into the New Year, what do you hope 2010 will hold for YKB?

We are currently writing new songs for the next album and we are hoping to record some time this year.

Thanks for your time guys!

Yves Klein Blue play the BACARDI EXPRESS tour taking
place 25th-27th March. Check out for
more info.